1. likeafieldmouse:

    Jamie Wyeth (son of Andrew Wyeth)

    1. Lester (1963)

    2. Portrait of Shorty (1963)

    La lumière est toute douce

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    Ger van Elk - Swiss Landscape, from the series Conclusions (2008) - Acrylic on photograph on canvas

    Regarder la tranche

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  4. betype:

    FF Scuba by FontFont.

    erman type designer Felix Braden created this sans FontFont in 2012.

    The family has 16 weights, ranging from Thin to Black (including italics) and is ideally suited for advertising and packaging, editorial and publishing, logo, branding and creative industries, poster and billboards, wayfinding and signage as well as web and screen design.

    FF Scuba provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, fractions, super- and subscript characters, and stylistic alternates.

    It comes with a complete range of figure set options – oldstyle and lining figures, each in tabular and proportional widths.In 2013, FF Scuba received the CommArts award and was also selected as one of Typographica’s favorite typefaces of 2012.

    Get it here: http://myfonts.us/n4mhnt

    Contempler une belle typographie m’apaise et me réjouit

  5. hideback:

    Two Designs for Spires

    Joseph B. Robinson, Architectural Foliage Adapted from Nature, 1868

    arum minéral

  6. loverofbeauty:

    Robert Henri: Storm Tide   (1903)

    Les vagues sont très très près des maisons

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  7. archatlas:

    Wilfred Lang

    La ville bavée

  8. maudelynn:

    Paul Poiret designed bedroom , c.1924


    L’arbre ployé et toutes les feuilles partout

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  9. archatlas:

    Villa all’Argentario Lazzarini Pickering Architetti

    Les murs recouverts de végétation avec cette avancée sur le panorama

  10. Studio SC par Studio MK27

    Oh ! L’oiseau peut se poser dans sa maison toute blanche et puis toutes ces assiettes…

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